Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vintage Birds are a Hoot

There seems to be a law of nature that the smaller the creature the more spherical it is. It probably has something to do with less heat loss due to a low surface/volume ratio and blah blah blah - the important thing is this is great for us since small + chubby animules are what we live for. Add a bit of vintage charm and you have a definite WIN.

Peep family photo complete with temporary flash blindness. "Wait, don't move! I don't think we got Billy in that last one!"

Lookit this little guy with his little beady eyes that say "please don't eat me, I love you". Which is the look I get from my darling rat Charlie even though I've never tried to eat him.

"After I lost my job Ireen left me and took the kids..."

Check out the chubb on this guy! His eyes seem to be saying "I think I'm on fire!"

"Do something!"

Wow without the tail this guy is practically all sphere. Perhaps his distress is caused by some intestinal disconfort? Should've had lots of water with your fiber little dude!


  1. Found you via the Etsy forums. I have to admit that I am not a big bird fact, I'm allergic to the real deal and it has kind of made me dislike them in all forms. BUT, my grandmother LOVED birds and would really have enjoyed this post. Were she still alive, I would have pointed her in your direction.

    Good work!