Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy Frak This Rocks My World - Stellar Quilts

I wish I knew some html because I could've really used a kick-ass sci-fi font...And the music from Dune. I also should have featured this in March but I honestly didn't know there was such a thing as National Quilt Month. The more you know...*

Moving right along, Jimmy Mcbride over at Stellar Quilts is the creator of huge breathtaking cosmic quilts, several of which are based on Hubble Space Telescope images. I for one would love to wrap myself in a Galaxy...

Messier 64, the 'Black Eye' or 'Evil Eye' Galaxy whose odd appearance might be due to having collided with and/or absorbed a smaller galaxy. Although, I prefer to think it ate the smaller galaxy just so it could brag about it.


I remember when the Hubble telescope images were first published, I was particularly mesmerized with this breathtaking image of part of the eagle nebula. In fact, I think I may have cut them out of my sister's Astronomy magazine just so I could keep it forever...sorry Genna.

These 'little' points are stellar nurseries where the gases are dense enough to start the chain reaction needed to make new stars. Ironically the gases are remnants of long dead stars. Recycling! ...and also pretty hard core *cue Dune music*

the Hubble image

What's also pretty hard core is what this guy can do with a sewing machine:
NGC2264 aka the cone nebula, 52" x 46"
original Hubble image

The most recent and, I believe, the awesomest space quilt:
R136, 77" x 78"

R136, a dense cluster of young stars in the Tarantula Nebula. In this case, composed of lots and lots of plaid fabric. Want your mind blown? For comparison here are small icons of the quilt followed by the original Hubble image:


This guy definitely watches too much science-fiction, check out his profile. I kid of course - there is no such thing. In fact if watching a lot of sci-fi leads to space battle bead spreads than the more the merrier:

To see how he made his R136 quilt visit his blog:
And more cool shit on his website:

Another view of the quilts on Birds of Paradis

If you're in Norway the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslow is featuring some of his work until 2011.


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  4. I adore your blog! I make leaf tile and would love to recreate some of those bloodroot leaves. Very cool.