Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good News - Spring Continues!

There is an urgent need for a word to describe the ridiculously cute spring flowers that make you go "awwwww lookit 'em!". A word that sets them apart from all other sorts of blooms.
I nominate 'blossomettes'.

Here is my favorite blossomette photographed at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. It was a tit bit nippy in the woodland area but these cute widdle blossomettes were enough to keep us warm. Awwwwww.... 

Sanguinaria canadensis

Don't be fooled by their ghoulish name, Bloodroot or Bloodwort flowers are the cutest widdle things! They even peek out of the ground cuddled inside a cupped leaf.

Little bloodroot flower with leaf sweater-vest.

The name refers to the reddish-orange colored roots or rhizomes. These pretties are native to the moist woodlands of eastern north america. They are in bloom for a very short period of time in early spring.
The unusual and variable leaves grow out after the flowers have faded.

Oh by the way - they are severely toxic. Yeah, don't eat them or rub them on your skin ok? 

Illustration from William Curtis' The Botanical Magazine, Vol. 5

Cute but deadly!....
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