Saturday, April 24, 2010

Micro Forests, Vintage Glam and Cool New Stuff

I'm always surprised by the diversity of life found on Mount-Royal, Montreal's little green hill. All around is busy downtown city life, including subway station you can reach by foot.

For example, I nearly soiled myself when I saw this huge pileated woodpecker!

Notice the high traffic road behind him. This guy was over a foot tall. He also had a call not unlike a cross between a chimpanzee and a chicken...neato!

This is the third time I passed this particular red trillium playing hard to get with it's bud juuuust about to open. Today it finally opened, it didn't disappoint:

The beautiful Dog tooth violets were in bloom in huge patches all over the mountain. This bunch was particularly... uh photogenic:

my boyfriend / porter all squinty-eyed in the sun (or silently swearing to himself)

And a few patches of Bloodroot were still in bloom

And the maples were finally sprouting leaves in a eye-watering chartreuse green.

And now for something completely different***

A new treasury!  Dunno how but I just happen to land on the page 5 minutes before they opened:)

From the top, left:
Vintage Patent Leather Kitten Heels
14K Antique Deco Diamond Cameo Filigree Ring
Vintage Summer Dress What a gorgeous green!
Hand Embroidered Lace Vailtail Fish Necklace Wow!
Gold Comet Purse
Green Flower French Brocade Recycled Plate Brooch
Vintage Swarovski Crystals
50s Exotic Bird Jumper PDF Pattern
Persinnamon Girl Perfume Oil
Chromatica Halter Dress
Vintage Faux Bois Jewelry Box Full of Jewelry
Reclaimed Stiletto Succulent Planter

And just because this is my blog...

A plug of my first bracelets! Super long wrap style made with genuine vintage materials, as always:

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  1. Awesome bracelets! I think the orange one is my favorite.

    I like the photos of wildlife near your home. That woodpecker must have been really something to see!