Sunday, April 18, 2010

Calling my Inner Rainbow

Today sucked.
It was dark, rainy and cold, and I'm wearing a sweater indoors...on top of the pajamas I'm still wearing.

Here's some bright and shiny from my shop to prove there is a little happy rainbow person somewhere inside me. He's just solar-powered.

Top Left to Right:
Fresh Cut Flower Earrings
Beaded Chain Necklace
June Bug Earrings
Plastic Bird Earrings
Yellow and Violet Spring Necklace
White Blossom Post Earring Set
Neon Orange Glass Ring
Trippy Purple Dove Earrings
Funky Fruity Post Earring Set


  1. I really love the colors and designs that you choose for your jewelry. :) I want a bunch of stuff from your shop!