Monday, April 12, 2010

Eye Candy! Drawing with Wire

Check out these incredible wire sculptures by by self-taught artist Ruth Jensen of Sparkflight on Etsy. These huge pieces are made by hand-twisting wires, one at a time, into amazing life-like 3 dimensional creatures and objects. No patterns or molds are used.

It really boggles the mind as they give the impression of solidity while being see-through - like ghostly 3 dimensional drawings in air. These next figures are life size:

lookit those sexay legs!

This particular scultpture is now part of the Etsy collection at their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York!

The illusion of realism is astounding even in the smaller sculptures like these next critters:

I really love this cute little mouse!

This is just too cool!
Leaky Faucet

She has also just come out with a new line of jewelry. Handforged from recycled copper with gem and crystal accents. I love the elegant design and the rich color of the copper. How gorgeous are these?

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