Saturday, March 13, 2010

I love Montreal


Montreal,Quebec, Canada. A city that inspires...

Nicknamed "the city of a hundred bell towers", "La ville aux cent clocher". Sometimes it seems like there's a church on every block. Photos taken of Christ Church Cathedral on St.Catherine Street, Montréal

One of my very favorite things is walking in the "Plateau Mont-Royal" in summer with it's multicolored Victorian houses, curly stairwells covered in vines, vintage bicycles and enjoying the shade from the old trees lining the narrow streets.
  Lamps by Montreal photographer Linda Turgeon.

The snow and the cold. Judging by the light jacket these photos were probably taken in June.
The secret to our survival has scientifically been proven to be related to our heavy poutine consumption. That and cuddling.
By Montreal Designer Sarah Lagace

Host of the 1967 World Exposition. You can walk on Île Sainte-Hélène where the structures are still around, testament to a time when everyone assumed concrete and plastic were the materials of the future. The acrylic bubble covering the American geodesic dome caught fire and burned a gaping hole through the atmosphere but today it's called the Biosphère and is dedicated to water conservation. So yeah, no hard feelings 1967 ;P
A souvenir metal tray from the 1967 Montreal Expo by IMOTIME

The Vieux Port or Old Port and it's vintage curiosities. The famous 'Farine 5 Roses' neon sign atop the old flour mill was saved, perhaps temporarily, by Montrealers who complained of the decision by the new owners to shut down their beloved blinking eyesore of a landmark. Yes we can!

 by Markhed 

Having lived on the South Shore of Montreal I've used the myriad bridges crossing the St-Lawrence river countless times. My personal favorite is the Jacques-Cartier with the beautiful tall verdigrised structures I looked up to while my parents drove us to Parc Lafontaine on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Tiny pictures of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge under Lucite

This post has brought back so many memories! Very bitter-sweet memories though since I'll probably be moving to Ontario next winter...I will miss you Montreal!

See what Montrealers are making by visiting their Flickr group: Montreal a la main (Handmade in Montreal)

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