Sunday, March 7, 2010

All that Glitters is not Gold - Beth Retro Photography

Maybe it's because I live in a climate where half the year the sun sets before 5pm, and my seasonal depression, but the Sun has a powerful influence on my mood. I've recently come to the conclusion that it does nothing less than make me euphoric.

Perhaps it's my lizard brain rejoicing in the warm rays of the sun in an otherwise cold winter apartment. Or the influence of years spent trying to grow exotic plants used to 12 hour days. Or just the joy of seeing everything in their 'real' colors, as if waking from a dream.

It's as close to a religious experience as you're gonna get from me. I'm a heliocentric.

put a pretty dress on

 Please don't take my sunshine away...

Photos from Beth Retro Photography:


  1. oh wow!!! I just discovered your blog - I soooo love those jellyfish and starfish! Nature is THE most beautiful and awe-inspiring thing.

    Have you seen the photos of Karl Blossfeldt? I'm sure you'd love them.

    Thanks a heap for sharing.
    (and thanks for following me!!!!)

  2. Thanks! Yes I am familiar with Blossfeldt: i'm sure his photography will make an appearance on my blog eventually. :)

  3. Beautiful post! It has me dreaming of warm sunny mornings:)