Friday, March 26, 2010

The Nose Knows - My Happiness Drug

One of the hardest things about winter is the lack of 'scent'. Our sense of smell has not evolved to pick up the sparse molecules in the air when it's cold. The first thing that signals the coming of Spring is the smell of earth. Ok, it's stinky wet mud but it's a start!

The sense of smell is one of the most primitive senses and is very evocative as well as idiosyncratic. My boyfriend's sense of smell is pretty much in complete opposition to mine. I have a hard time finding a perfume that I adore and which he can at least tolerate. Jasmine is my top scent of all time and the creamy heavenly recipe seems also present in Gardenias, Paperwhite Jonquils and Easter lilies. It also apparently has an unpleasant stinky 'chemical' odor to my beloved which means I secretly sniff my stash in private...

Yeah, I'm pretty much a scent junky. The power of a scent to make me euphoric or miserable is uncanny. I am no where near being knowledgeable about perfumes but I can certainly attest to the powerful effect certain scents have on me.

Vanilla - More precious than gold is a good Vanilla perfume. This one is has consistently been on the top of my list since I bought it almost a year ago. It satisfies my craving for a Vanilla that's better than the real thing - an über Vanilla! It's also a unique recipe with a satisfying complexity that keeps me coming back for just 'another hit'!

Another exquisite scent that my bf can hardly stand. It's a miracle he can stand being in the same room! A true lavender bestills my heart and this solid lotion really blows my mind in a good way. It's a glorious thick solid cream that goes a long way and is uncanny for it's calming effect.

Speaking of Lavender, I am dying to visit Bleu Lavande : a Quebec company dedicated to making everything imaginable with Lavender from soaps to chocolate! Their huge Lavender field is open to the public and located in the eastern townships about an hour from Montreal. I can't wait to go skipping in a whole field of lavender - I expect the experience to be nothing less than pure euphoria and wouldn't be surprised if I get arrested for public drunkeness!

Lavender + Vanilla
Two of my favorites together. You can't beat that! The long lasting scent of this cream is heaven. It starts off as a sweet lavender with a warm creamy vanilla surfacing a few minutes later. Another drug of choice- a little hit to boost morale!

Chocolate and Coffee
When it comes to soaps I have an obsession for marvelously scented thick cold process. They are rich enough that I can actually use these for body, hair and shaving and thus have banished plastic bottles from the bathroom! I luckily have access to some local artisans who do amazing things but I find it hard to resist all the amazing soaps on Etsy. When it comes to soaps I have a particular craving for anything chocolate or coffee and their myriad incarnations. Exhibit A:

Kahlua Coffee Soap - This is what dreams are made of folks. Need I say more?

Every combination of chocolate, coffee, vanilla that you can think of is available from my favorite soap maker on Etsy. They are always coming up with new interesting varieties and the last time I bought from them I believe I purchased one of everything that had the word 'chocolate' or 'coffee' in it.

Vanilla was my gateway drug to the idea of woodsmoke in perfume . I could not resist the curiosity of trying a novel Vanilla and thus was introduced to powerful woodsy, smoky scents. This perfume oil is so sexy and dark, a little goes a long way. Not for the shy violet ;) If you are tempted but still hesitant try the soap first, you'll be hooked!

And saving the best for last! Roxanna's Illuminated perfumes high quality organic gourmet perfumes.
She has an incredible line of Chocolate perfumes: every which way you can imagine of experiencing chocolate! I couldn't resist trying 'Bois de Chocolat' with my new found obsession with woodsmoke and later was lucky enough to win one of her latest solid chocolate perfumes through the excellent blog ScentHive! (The blog author was even kind enough to feature one of my necklaces!) I choose 'Chêne' which is a gorgeous woodsy oak chocolate. They are sold as creamy solid perfumes in little pods.

Here are her current selection of most excellent chocolate perfumes:
1rst tier:  Noir, Cerise, La Forêt, L'Orangerie, Bois de Chocolat, L'epice
2n tier:  Pétales, Coeur de Jasmin, Fleurs de Orange, Blanc, Chêne

She even sells all eleven in a heart shaped box that would make an incredibly romantic gift!

Have I got you drooling yet?


  1. Just bought the woodsmoke vanilla oil, I could not resist. Lovely post btw

  2. what delectable company to be in! Thank you so very much for featuring my OMG Kahlua soap...yes, yes coffee, vanilla, lavender such deliciousness. Why do you think I created my soap company? To indulge and share these lovely passions of mine as well!!!! :)

  3. Jeraluna, you'll love it!

    Thanks Patricia! I am dying to try some more of your soaps:)