Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sinfully Delicious

I found this amazing artist while searching handmade items on Etsy using the word 'Lard'...I should probably explain. My bf was showing me some British lard marketing board posters and I thought "I'm sure there are some fabulous Lard themed items on Etsy"...I mean, wouldn't you?

Sure enough I found an incredible illustrator/ painter selling some seriously twisted, sinfully delicious artwork:

Yes, yes you are Mr. Pork, we love you!


This gallery piece titled 'Uncle Jello' used what looks like actually Jello, complete with floating strawberry people!

Craving more?

You can buy prints of her paintings on Etsy:
Check out all her paintings in her Flickr gallery:
Visit her blog:
And get updates on her gallery shows:


  1. The artwork on this post made me crave for a snack! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love your blog title!

  2. Those are wonderful!!! Thank you for introducing them to me!!! I especially like the sinister sweets and the strawberries!

    -emelia jane