Monday, March 1, 2010

Eye Candy of The Day - Vintage Poster Art

This is a public announcement message to visit the aquarium.

From a poster created by amazing graphic artist Hugh Stevenson in 1936 for the Pennsylvania 'Works Projects Administration'. The poster was restored and made into a print by Roosevelvet.

From Roosevelvet: "During the Great Depression, U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt employed artists across the country through the Works Progress Administration. The WPA and its subordinate projects such as the Federal Theater Project and Federal Arts Project embarked on a campaign of education, entertainment and art that brought the arts to people ways unprecedented in America, before and since. As a long time fan of the informational posters created by the WPA, I've always sought to restore some of my my favorite pieces. I've recently begun painstakingly restoring original works from the WPA to share with you!"


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