Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow is a four letter word - The Canadian Weather Olympics

Uh oh..
I thought we might have made it to Spring without too much snow but its lookin' pretty bad out there.

Yes, green things do eventually grow here, and girls do walk around in short shorts and flip-flops part of the year, but no matter how long people have lived here we act all surprised when it just keeps getting colder and there's just so much darn snow. It's Canada's real national sport: who can stir the most emotion with our personal outrage at the weather.

So really, it's in my blood to bitch about snow.

Montreal: the coldest major city in Canada, yet the warmest in Quebec. From Wiki I just learned "It has one of the coldest winter climates of any large city in the world".  We rock!...

Although I feel for those shoveling snow outside in Winnipeg: the coldest city in the world. Of course the reason they're No 1 is partly because a city is defined as having more than 600 000 inhabitants. But then this would be proof that Alaska and Siberia have fewer insane people.

I mean really, Alberta has been deemed the province/territory with the most comfortable weather in Canada by Environment Canada even though they are in the top10 of the coldest cities.

And Quebec is 2nd behind frikkin' Nunavut as having most freezing days in SUMMER.
Seriously check out the Canadian Weather Winners. Best fun I've had all week.

Quebec's Awards

Cloudiest sky year-round
Most Snow Days Annually
Snowiest Fall

Greatest Average Snow Depth on January 31st.
Lowest Average Pressure
Most Blowing Snow Days
Most Wet Days - Annually
Most Wet Days - During the warm season

Coldest Spring
Longest Snow Cover Season
Most Deep Snow Cover Days
Snowiest Province/Territory

Do you see all those those 4 letter words? At least the snow makes things brighter with all that lack of Sun. We're second to last for Sunniest Days year round.

So I can only conclude that the award for least insane people should go to the residents of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island.


It would be wise of me to move to one of those provinces but then I suspect I would very much miss the bitching.

And then there's Spring in Quebec...

That huuuge orgasmic sigh of relief!





But you know, it's not safe to plant your tomatoes outside before Mother's Day...
And don't even get me started on the heating bill...

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