Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Heart Design Awards

This morning I spent an obscene amount of time over at the I Heart Design Awards going on Studio Rose Flash's Blog.

6 categories, lots of really neat choices and a few new favs! Anyone can vote.
Here are some of my humble picks:

Best Etsy Product Pictures

I chose Dime Store Emporium!
I've bought some wonderful supplies from her both vintage and new made in the USA and her photography is great! She has a line of metal findings with verdigris patina that are always ending up in my favorites:

Best Blog

Very difficult to choose amongst the amazing nominations but A Fanciful Twist is really something else!
I love her latest post Enchanted Sunlight as I am a confirmed 'heliophile' - sunlight makes me euphoric! I have NO curtains on my windows and always live on the top floor with a balcony to take maximum advantage of this natural high!

Best E-Commerce and Website

My vote went to Gramkin Paper Studio!
One of my favorite paper goods shop on Etsy. Awesome site designs, photography and of course awesome product line! I was already planning on featuring some of their hilarious 'courtesy cards' in another post but here's one I couldn't resist posting today:

Best Illustrator

Do check out this category - some amazing artists!
My hands-down fav though is Ink Shop. Screen printed goccos that are so cute, original, with some very savvy and intelligent composition and colors. I had to post two prints, they're too cool!

Could I have picked any other?

Because it's a BUG. 
A bug made of PAPER.

So what's your favorite?
Oh, did I mention they're also having a giveaway?

Voters who comment in the 6 category voting posts will be automatically entered into the I Heart Design giveaway worth 50$.

So Cast Your Votes!

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