Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy shiny pretty things

Welcome to my cabinet of natural curiosities!

After blogging about eco-friendly jewelry I've decided to expand my subject matter to include all matters of art and crafts, creative and eco-friendly ideas, natural history, things that make me giggle, pretty shiny things, make that lots of shiny things, etc...

Who owns this little cabinet of natural curiosities?
  • Female Hairless (mostly) Primate
  • Artist, Photographer
  • Maker and Fixer of Things
  • Urban Amateur Naturalist 
  • Scientist 
  • Owner of copious amounts of creative juices (they freeze quite well..)
  • Part Sane: Part Insane (see above) 
  • Resident of Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
I also own Natural History Retro Jewelry:
My colorful little Etsy shop offering jewelry made from upcycled, recycled and un-circulated vintage parts.

-120 sales in less than a year, and counting boOyeah!

But enough of Moi...
Here are some folks I'm planning on inviting in my cabinet very soon:


Oh and you can never have enough pretty shiny BUGS!

Funny how they may scare and delight all at once...

But just in case you get too frightened I'll also be bringing some of these:

So buckle your seat and enjoy the ride!

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