Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For those about to bloom we salute you

I'd like to salute all the autotrophs out there in the Montreal area: not only did you have to survive a late April snow storm but you somehow manage to thrive in a mad mad city world. A mad mad city world without access to modern medicine, 24 hour convenience stores and, like, mobility. Not to mention eating shit for breakfast. How do you do it?

I have great admiration for weeds, pests, and any other invasive organisms that stubbornly persist despite the direct and in-direct assaults of neurotic territorial hairless apes but I'm especially impressed by those green things that aren't normally associated with exponential growth flourishing in the heart of Montreal.

So I salute the following organisms, growing on the green-ish island in a sea of buses/shops/hipsters that is Mont-Royal, some of which are not only alive but are so cool with it all they're sexing it up. *high five*

Uvularia grandiflora or bellwort exposing their brightly colored dangly bits despite the chilly weather. From wiki on their cultivation: "they require little work and are happy just left alone but are also easy to work with if you must move them". Thus they are a relatively chillax member of the Colchicaceae family of plants which includes the homicidal meadow saffron.

Arisaema triphyllum aka Jack-in-the-pulpit. I nearly soiled myself when I found these and in retrospect I would probably have been doing them a favor. From the Arum family known for their especially phallic and sometimes eye-wateringly bad smelling flowers (remember these?). A special *high five* to you my hermaphrodite friends.

Mitella diphylla or Mitrewort with their teeny tiny, sweet snowflake shaped blossomettes designed to do one thing: get knocked-up.
ain't no petunia

Sanguinaria canadensis or Bloodroot. Their large unusual leaves expanding to their full Picassoesque splendor after the flowers are have faded.
A show of hands - who's in favor of dogs on leashes?

The gorgeous crisp white flowers of Trillium grandiflorum. Large colonies can be seen conspicuously fornicating all over Mont-Royal. When spent the flowers turn a pinkish color from shame.


In other news I should probably mention who won my giveaway...dOh!

My winner is Brittany who happens to be a fellow shop owner on Etsy. Check out her vintage shop Skeletonnes were you can find this retrokitschtastic(c) iridescent baby unicorn:

how does she get her eyeliner so freakin' perfect!?

Congratulations Brittany you get these not-so-mythical baby deer post earrings!

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