Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cute - the natural high

Need a dose of small, furry and spherical? I present to you the awwww-someness of Bird on Wire Studio!
Teeny tiny handmade anatomically inaccurate needle felted animals made from hand-dyed 100% pure Vermont wool.

This guy is my favorite. All that chubb and only 2 inches high!

Holy cajones! Not only is this elephant palm sized but she's wearing a teeny tiny crown of flowers. *drops dead*

Not small enough? That's weird but ok, how bout this? This little feller was made for the artists husband - he's (the elephant, not the hubbie) the size of a stamp *squeals*!

If James Brown were a tiny hedgehog:

Looking for something a bit more exotic? How about a tiny narwhal from the cold Arctic oceans. This one must be extra cold because he is without a doubt the fattest narwhal evar! *belly bump*
Plumpie narwhal - does not sink

Think Walruses are terrifyingly huge skin-bags of blubber with fangs? Well there exists a much smaller subspecies known as the 'Weebly Walrus' located in Vermont:
will not eat your children

Need more?
Visit her lovely blog


  1. Oh no... the narwhal! The cutest thing EVER. Great finds.

  2. This post is HILARIOUS! I'm honored to be featured on your blog and your wit has me giggling to myself at my desk.

    THANK YOU! I'm going to add your fantastic blog to my roster of MUSES!

    I'm so glad you like all of my little chubby friends. Hooray!

  3. sooo cute! I love the elephant! one day i would love to learn needle felting. i'm just afraid I'll have a lot of items looking like large hairballs

  4. Too cute! I can never let my daught see this shop or I will be broke. Really - like living in a cardboard box with a thousand tiny felted friends...

  5. Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said "i'm just afraid I'll have a lot of items looking like large hairballs"

    bwahahaha!! just stick some googly eyes on it and sell them as pet hairballs! I'd buy one! :)

    Artesia - I just pictured trying to sleep with a thousand teeny tiny felty eyes staring at me lol!

  6. squee that hedgehog is too cute!

  7. Lol, the walrus is just ridiculously round...

  8. love 'em all - can't decide if narwhal or walrus are is my favorite.